Business Consultants

Oslo Management Consultancy

We help customers to build their Business from scratch, to guide them through the process of setting up a company in Bahrain. We create a positive consumer experience from the awareness stage to the point of delivery and post-delivery.

Our services are as follows:
 Company Formation. (Individual Establishment,S.P.C,W.L.L,Partnership)
 LMRA Services.
(Employment Visa, Visa new/renewal over age 60, Flexi Visa Services etc.)
 GOSI/SIO Services.
(Establishment registration, Add insures, Pension request (PVT Sector) etc.)
 CPR Services.
(New/renewal CPR, Child CPR, House worker CPR, Address update etc.)
 Accounting Services.
(Bookkeeping, VAT Services,IFRS Advisory, Audit Services)

You can receive a Commercial Registration Certificate and begin operating within a few days with our cost-effective and efficient services.

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